Pinpoint: A Foundbite-Powered Game

Since launching Foundbite last November, the quality of uploads has been pretty astounding and we've seen some amazing foundbites captured all over the world. As a short side project we decided to make a small game powered by Foundbite and today we're launching it.

Pinpoint by Foundbite

Taking inspiration from the popular browser game Geoguessr, Pinpoint allows users to view some of the best foundbites that have been uploaded so far and then attempt to guess whereabouts in the world they were captured. The closer you are to guessing the actual location, there more points you score - it's that simple (though some of them are really quite tricky).

We hope people will find it a fun way to discover some of the best foundbites and prove a good introduction to the app for anyone who stumbles across it in the store. In due course, we'll be porting this game to Android and iOS to gather beta sign-ups before launching the full blown Foundbite apps on those platforms.

For more information on Pinpoint, visit

Happy Pinning!

Foundbite Update: Mapping, Photo Import and Transparent Tiles

We've been working hard on a new version of the Foundbite website but have also had time to roll out some nice new features for Windows Phone (, most notably the Foundbite equivalent of a "like" which we call mapping.


From looking through the comments on foundbites and hearing some of your feedback, it's clear the ability to do something like "liking" a foundbite is needed. It would have been quite easy to copy the likes of Instagram and Facebook with a heart or like, but we wanted to try something slightly different. What we've tried has turned out to be pretty cool.

With the proliferation of the like or heart these days they've become pretty meaningless, and I'm sure I'm the only one who has found myself scrolling through an app hearting things without even thinking. To put some of the conscious thought back we've added a button (inspired by the blogging platform Svbtle) that you have to hold before your like/heart takes effect.

This holding button in Foundbite adds a bit of friction to the process as well as giving you time to take in a bit more of the sound. Coincidentally, it makes for a really nice control.

So why is it called mapping? Obviously, location plays a major part in Foundbite but when you hold down the button, this foundbite is added to a personally curated map of all your favourites available from your profile. It's a great new way to discover foundbites you might have missed.

Other Changes 

While this is a pretty big addition we've also made several other improvements. Here's a brief overview:

  • Image Import - A button at the top right of the camera page allows you to import photos from your photo library allowing other photo apps like Nokia Camera to be used.
  • Transparent Tile - As many of you are close to upgrading to Windows Phone 8.1, there's now a transparent tile for your home screen.
  • Foundbite Capture Time - you can now see when a foundbite was taken on the full page view.
  • Fast App Resume Improved - the app will now launch faster and behave better when launching from a deeplink or from the tile.

The update should be out in a few hours, we hope you enjoy the changes. Please let us know what you think!

Alfie Joins Foundbite

Over the past year it's largely been me working on Foundbite full time so I'm now really happy to announce that Alfie Woodland will be joining to work as a web developer.

Alfie has been patching the Foundbite site and keeping it working whilst studying Multimedia Technology and Design at University of Kent (he also designed the Foundbite logo!). Now, after graduating, he's going to be working on a permanent basis redesigning the Foundbite website from scratch. The plans we've got are really exciting so expect to see great things from Alfie very soon.


It's fantastic to be able to have another pair of hands around and, as we're currently looking to raise some funding to expand even more, I hope there'll be some more news to share very soon.

You can follow Alfie on Twitter or check out some of his illustrations and award-winning animations. Fun fact: he can hold his breath for two minutes - though I haven't made him verify this (yet!).

Foundbte Version 1.5

This Foundbite update for Windows Phone features a pretty big redesign, the addition of some new features and the return of some old one's in the form of the ability to take multiple photos. Here's a summary of what you can expect:

Photos Saved to Camera Roll

When you capture a photo in Foundbite this file will now be saved to your camera roll so you can share and save it elsewhere.

Multiple Image Foundbites

Probably the most requested feature after it was removed due to some problems with how I went about it before, this version allows you to capture multiple image foundbites again. Enjoy!

Redesigned Feed

The main feed has now been redesigned with larger images, no text and smaller profile pictures to keep the focus on the pictures and, of course, sounds that have been uploaded.

New Viewing Page

The view page has also been redesigned with circular images, new controls and what I hope you'll agree is a much cleaner look.

Own Foundbite View, Editing and Upload

Before this point you could only really get the full experience of your own Foundbite after uploading. Now you can view them full screen, edit them to remove any photos you don't want any more and then upload.

Foundbite Pioneer

Version 1.5 also adds a pro subscription plan called Pioneer. This gives subscribers access to extended features not available to other users. The current features include:

  • Extended profile with the ability to add a bio and links to your social networks.
  • Full high quality photos, the 2500 pixel image size limit is released.
  • 45 second time limit on sound is increased to 5 minutes.

 Even more features will be on the way soon for subscribers - this is only the start. Pioneer is priced at ~$2.99 per year although it's an unorthodox way to monetise an app I'm keen to keep building Foundbite without having to compromise the user experience with adverts. I'd be keen to hear what you think.

Foundbite Pioneer Logo

Foundbite should be out within a few days, I look forward to hearing what you think!

Foundbites from the Winter Olympics

It's always great to see Foundbite being used all over the world, especially at current events. If you've been into the app over the last few weeks then you've undoubtedly seen some of the foundbites from the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Victor, working for a Russian broadcaster, was there covering the XXII Winter Olympiad and uploaded some great stuff:

The Olympic Flame at its resting place in Sochi after the longest torch relay in the history of the Winter Olympics - 16,000 km by foot, car, plane, train and even troika, a traditional Russian horse-pulled sleigh.

A wonderfully strange exhibit, the Megafon Cube is like a giant pin art contraption that allows you to see your face huge and in 3D. There's an interesting Wired article about it that's worth a read.

A Russian marching band.

Hockey at the Bolshoy Ice Dome whose roof is covered in LED that display the score of the game inside.

View of the closing ceremony from the television control room.

And the Olympics end in a flourish with a firework extravaganza.

Next stop Pyeongchang 2018.

Foundbite at the European AppCup

Earlier this week I spent a few days over in Brussels taking part in the Microsoft European AppCup competition with Foundbite.

The competition, designed to highlight innovation on Windows Phone and Windows 8 app stores by European developers, consisted of 13 teams competing across 4 categories (B2C, B2B, B2C CityNext and B2B CityNext). Foundbite was short-listed in the B2C category alongside some great apps.

The final of the competition was proceeded by two days worth of coaching to help us get our pitches in order and prepare us to present to the IAMCP European Summit attendees and the judges.

Unfortunately, Foundbite didn't win any prizes and lost out to two worthy winners (and fellow AppCampus apps) YouMigo and PitWall by 89bits. Nevertheless it was a fantastic experience!

Foundbite's fellow AppCup finalists.

Foundbite's fellow AppCup finalists.

George Spyrou, another fellow AppCampus developer presenting AirNow in the CityNext B2C category.

Foundbite Uri Scheme

In the last Foundbite update a URI scheme was added that allows developers to interact and launch the app from inside their apps. At the moment it allows you to open the app, open the camera page and jump straight to your profile or a particular foundbite.

Launch the app to the Main page:


Launch the app on the Capture Page:


Open a user's Foundbite profile:

foundbite:ViewProfile?id=[ID HERE]

eg: foundbite:ViewProfile?id=userTESTER

Open a particular foundbite:

foundbite:ViewFoundbite?id=[ID HERE]

eg: foundbite:ViewFoundbite?id=user0334437689


If you've got any questions about using this then feel free to drop a line to Look forward to seeing this used in a few apps!

Foundbite Version 1.4

It's been a while since the last update but a lot of work's gone on behind the scenes improving the back end and speaking to potential investors about expanding the service. However, version 1.4 was submitted to the store last night and should be available by the end of the week. Here's what's in it:


Lists of Followers/Following

Now you can finally see who is following you and follow them back.


A much needed feature that means users can discuss foundbites and will hopefully help to build a real community around the great stuff people are uploading. You'll also get notified through the comments when your foundbite has been featured in the app.


Should you choose to enable them, you can get push notifications from Foundbite when someone follows you or comments on your foundbite. Clicking will take you straight to the foundbite or user in question. The app tile will also update with a notification count and there's also now a notification feed in the app.

Redesigned Capture Process

Some changes have been made to the way foundbites are captured in order to simplify the process and avoid some of the confusion many have experienced using the app for the first time. I've written some more about the process and changes here. 

There's also now a 45 second time limit on sound clips, though this shouldn't affect most people as most are less than this at the moment. These changes are not set in stone so feel free to get in contact if you have any thoughts!

Facebook Login

Sometimes it's rather annoying to have to set up new passwords when you register for a service so you can now log in and register to Foundbite using your Facebook account. If you've already got a Foundbite account and have connected it to Facebook then you can login with Facebook too.

Other Improvements

There's also a number of other design changes to the app that you might notice including: a redesigned camera roll, redesigned feed items, improved feed scrolling performance and better image quality.

Hope you enjoy the changes, especially the ability to comment on foundbites. As always it'd be great to hear any feedback you have!


Foundbite Capture, Take 3

Foundbite version 1.4 brings quite a large number of changes to the app including commenting and notifications to mention a few. One of the changes you'll probably notice first though is another new capture process. This post should hopefully explain some of the changes, and the reasons behind them.


What was wrong.

The capture process is probably the most important part of the app, since that's where all the content comes from and it's always been quite difficult to design due to pre-existing behaviours we all have to capture images and video on our phone. The last thing I wanted to be doing was putting people off capturing their memories using Foundbite because they couldn't work out how to use it.

From a development perspective as well, the capture page had become really bloated and I'd estimate was the source of 90% bugs - again, far from ideal.

Version 1.3 added two distinct modes for capturing foundbites; a compose mode where you could import and number of images from the camera roll and then add sound to them and the original simultaneous mode that allowed you to capture sound and a number of images at the same time.

Version's 1.3's changes were popular and an improvement, but from comments and user testing it still wasn't the easiest experience and the simultaneous mode still caused sound to stutter when a photo was taken. My attempt at a tutorial was pretty poor in retrospect as well - too much text!

Back to basics.

Bearing the above in mind, I ripped the capture process down to it's most basic form, importing/capturing a single image and then adding a sound to it straight after. What resulted looks like this (bit of a blurry picture I know):

Testing this around Covent Garden and by doing a bit of user testing it really is a marked improvement from the previous version, much simpler and easier to use- hopefully you'll think so too.

What about multiple images?

While this does mean you'll no longer be able to take foundbites with multiple images they certainly aren't gone forever. Although this might seem like a step back, this will act as a firm base to build upon, enabling the ability to make foundbites of multiple images similar to before or by combining foundbites to create story-like collections later on.

It'd be great to get your feedback about the changes, if you'd like to get in touch you can just drop a line to or @foundbite on Twitter.


Closer Look at Foundbite v 1.3

The first major update since Foundbite's release so far was covered yesterday on WPCentral but here's a more in-depth overview of the changes version 1.3 brought and some more about how Foundbite is going so far.

New Capture Process

Previously, the two modes within the app allowed you to import a single photo and then add sound or simultaneously capture photos and audio. While this worked well, the single import mode was hidden and only being able to import a single photo was a limitation. 

So, this weekend's update brings a completely new capture process that defaults to a "compose" mode where you can add/import many photos and then capture sound before or after which should help people express their creativity more. The simultaneous mode is still there but with a message about using the mode on low memory devices and capturing too many photos at a time which can lead to stuttering/distortion of the sound.

There's also now a handy tutorial to explain the capture process.

Find and Invite Friends

You can now find your friends from Twitter and Facebook who are already using Foundbite so you can find people to connect with instantly. You can also invite people to take a look at Foundbite through Facebook. Thanks to Rummble Labs the list of friends is sorted by an algorithm which is pretty good at predicting the people you're closest to (no more scrolling through alphabetical lists).

There's also lots of other minor changes including bug fixes, scrolling improvements but I won't bother you with them now ( a full list is available in the "about" section of the app).


Foundbite so far...

It's been about a month since launch now and Foundbite has passed 18,000 downloads, 2,200 foundbites uploaded, 6400+ photos shared and 3300 registered users - numbers which I'm keen to keep improving (especially getting people to upload their first Foundbite).

I've been pretty blown away by some of the content, especially this week's foundbite of the week taken at a concert in Sao Paolo....

Foundbite One Week In

So last Thursday Foundbite launched on Windows Phone. After months of work it's great to see how people are already taking to the app, here's a round-up of what happened this week...

Blogs and Coverage


Image from

Nothing crazy in terms of coverage but WPCentral put a great post up about the launch highlighting the fact that it's exclusive to Windows Phone for 3 months which went down a treat.  There were also articles from All About Windows Phone and a video review from Russian Windows Phone Insider (not a clue what's being said but it sounds positive).

Downloads and Sign-ups

One week in Foundbite has had 7,697 downloads - which isn't bad for a newly launched Windows Phone app. I was aiming for 5,000 in the first week (which I thought was ambitious) so this has really blown my expectations out of the water.

Of those downloaders 1857 have signed up to create an account with the service. Although, slightly less than a quarter there's no actual prompt to grab an account unless you want to upload something or you try and create a profile. This differs from many other apps which greet you with a sign-up screen without any idea of what the service involves. The feed has definitely helped given people an immediate idea of what the app's all about.


It seems people really like the app and at the moment the review count stands at 117 with an average of 4.77/5. Here's some of the best from the past week:

Amazing what a little sound can do! Pictures set to the ambient sound of the place really give you the feeling of being there. Cool! A US user
Very interesting idea, add more users and Huskies. A Russian user

It is amazing. I cannot Express my contentment. I don't get to Travel worldwide and with the help of your app I can at least hear and try to imagine the places. Amazing! Great addition to our store. However it is lagging on my hTC 8X whenever I scroll down or swipe pages (even the map is somewhat laggy). Please optimize it. I am looking forward to trying the updated version. (Need to do some work on this!) A US user

What's Up Next?

The next release is due next Thursday and this will see a host of bug fixes, ability to find friends from Facebook/Twitter and change to the capture process to improve sound quality. 


Foundbite of the Week

A summary of the week wouldn't be complete without a highlight from the foundbites uploaded this week. This week's best, I think, is from IanGriggs who captured the electric atmosphere and national anthems before the England vs. Australia rugby Autumn International at Twickenham last weekend:


Fantastic!  Here's to next week!



Bol and the Island of Brac

Following on from my previous post about Dubrovnik and its surroundings we travelled up the Dalmatian cost to the Island of Brac and its southernmost town of Bol.

Leaving Dubrovnik after 4 days we travelled up the coast to Croatia's second largest city, Split, which acts as a transport hub for many of the Adriatic islands. The 6 hour long journey by coach involved a rather strange hour spent in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Neum Strip is 20km of coastline that effectively cuts Dubrovnik off from the rest of Croatia and acts as Bosnia and Herzegovina's only access to the Adriatic Sea preventing it from being landlocked. It's rather bizarre having to go through Croatian customs twice within 30 mins, but I digress...

From Split, we got on one of the many ferries and catamarrans that leave the port everyday and headed to the island of Brac and the town of Bol.

Brac is the largest island on the Dalmatian coast and the highest, with the peak of Mt. Vid or Vidova Gora towering over Bol. The island is probably most famous for its brilliant white stone which has been used in many famous historical buildings such as the White House in Washington DC and Diocletian's Palace in nearby Split. The island is also renowned for its cheese, wine and olive oil which were even remarked upon by Pliny the Elder, the Roman naturalist, author and philosopher.

Thanks to the wonders of AirBnB we spent a great few days in Bol staying in a small apartment in the garden of a lovely Croatian family. The town by normal tourist standards is very small and relaxed but there are plenty of bars and restaurants along the seafront and harbour to while away the evening (the amazing ice cream shops certainly deserve a mention as well!).

Restaurant on the seafront in Bol. 

Bol's most popular tourist attraction is probably the beautiful white pebble promontory of Zlatni Rat which, depending on tides and currents, can extend over 600 metres into the sea. Around a 20 minute walk from the main town along the coast, it's where almost everyone heads during the day so it does get quite busy - well worth getting up early for a relaxing day on the beach.


The view from the path that leads to Zlatni Rat. 

Although small, the town also has the Branislav Deskovic art gallery, named after the Croatia sculptor who was born on the island in the late 19th Century. The gallery is situated in the 17th century renaissance-baroque palace overlooking the small harbour and features 380 works of art from Ignjat Job, Ivan Rendic and Edo Murtic. I'll be honest I've never heard of any of them but it was good to look around and use up some time waiting for the ferry.


The view from the gallery overlooking the small harbour. 

It would have been nice to spend more time than we did in Bol, it was a really chilled few days soaking up the sun and swimming in the sea at Zlatni Rat but our whistle-stop tour of Croatia continued onto the next island of Hvar....


Personalised Feed and Following in Foundbite

At the moment the feed in the Foundbite app consists of a list of content uploaded by all users. Although this was good for an early version of the app with only a few testers, when the app finally launches it'll soon become pretty useless and full of people trying out the app (hopefully!).

It's long been a plan to implement a means to follow people and personalise the app but also keep a strong discovery element, so here it is.



Following works in much the same way as a myriad of other networks such as Vine, Instagram and Twitter. Although it'd be nice to change this up a bit later, it seems a tried and tested method to personalise the app for now. You can follow someone on their profile page, shown below (apologies for such a large picture of my ugly mug):


The new follow button is shown on the left. 

The Feed

The feed of all foundbites has now been replaced by a list of content from people you're following. As the number of people won't be huge to start off with, this feed is also interspersed with featured cool/interesting content from people you might not be following. Featured content is clearly marked with the icon you can see below:

New feed showing a featured foundbite.

Hope you enjoy the new features, on the way next will be improve live tiles...


Dubrovnik and Lokrum

Last week, I announced that you can now embed foundbites on other sites such as Tumblr and Wordpress (.org not .com at the moment). With that in mind, I thought I'd give it a go myself.....

During the summer I took a much needed holiday to Croatia with my girlfriend with plans to visit a number of cities and islands on the South Dalmatian coast, our first stop after a gruelling (but cheap) over-night coach journey from the capital Zagreb was the medieval walled city of Dubrovnik.

Arguably the most well-known of Croatia's cities, Dubrovnik is the nested at the southern tip of Croatia's Dalmatian coast derived from the Illyrian tribe, the Dalmatae, that habited the area in the first millennia BC. The city has enjoyed a very colourful past including; being part of the Byzantine Empire, being a republic of Venice, a vassal-state of the Kingdom of Hungary, was almost destroyed by a massive earthquake in 1667, was invaded by Napoleon and more recently under siege for over 6 months at the hands of the Yugoslav's People's Army during the Croatian War of Independence (the Balkans conflict).

Despite this (and with the help of extensive preservation and restoration) the city remains remarkably intact with the old town (Stari Grad) preserving its narrow streets, high medieval walls and paved marble which have been polished by the footfalls of thousands of tourists before. It's easy to see why Dubrovnik was added to UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites.


Above: A view from the city's walls overlooking Stari Grad with the sounds of the starlings that are found almost everywhere in the city.


If you're up for climbing stairs then a trip around the city walls is well worth it (don't think it cost more than a £10) though probably best attempted at the beginning or end of the day as there's not a great deal of shade. If you take a round trip it's around a 2km walk but no fear, there's plenty of places to stop on the way for an ice cream.

Inside the old town it does unfortunately get pretty packed during the day, Dubrovnik is a popular destination for many cruise ships visiting the Mediterranean and when we were there there were about 3 or 4 pretty huge ones moored in the large port in the new town. Every day they offload their thousands of sandalled and white hat clad geriatrics onto the streets marshalled by scary women brandishing numbered flags. Apparently the Dubrovnik Port Authority are aware of the growing congestion problems and are working to limit the number of cruise ships that can visit the city at any one time.

Above: A busker rocking some Croatian tunes by the main gate and entrance to the town. You can't see it from the picture but the other side of the wall is cruise ship flag-waving mayhem.


It's quite remarkable how little trace there is of the bombardment that Dubrovnik was subjected to for months during the Balklands Conflict but this image of the buildings destroyed or damaged by fire or bombs makes for some sobering viewing:

How anything survived beats me. It's truly remarkable that a Medieval walled city with 700 troops and volunteers survived for months against an opposition of 5,000 - 20,000 Yugoslav troops

A visit to Lokrum Island proved a lovely escape from the city. Just a short boat trip away for the harbour Lokrum is a small rocky island with a monastery, fortress and botanical garden (complete with Peacocks) which originate from the time of Archduke Maximilian of Austria who, according to Wikipedia) was also Emperor of Mexico for a while.

Above: leaving Dubrovnik harbour by boat for the short trip to Lokrum. They leave roughly every hour if I remember correctly.

Spending the day lounging on the rocks, reading, exploring the island and avoid peacocks it was world away from Stari Grad (though there was a mega cruise ship in the bay right in front of us -> see below). If you're so inclined there's also a nudist beach on the far side of the island.


Dubrovnik is well worth a visit and after listening to all these foundbites again I quite want to escape from rainy Camden!

If you want to find out more about Dubrovnik then I'd really recommend watching the section on it from the popular series Three Men In A Boat: Three Men Go to Venice sections of which can be found on YouTube. Dubrovnik and Around from Rough Guides is also useful for finding what to do in the city - it's also damn cheap!




Embedding Foundbites

It's now possible to embed foundbites on other sites and blogs! All it needs is a simple embed code like this:

You can find this on the webpage of your foundbite.

Where to find the code needed to embed your foundbite.

Just copy and paste it into the HTML of your post/site and bob's your uncle!

Looking forward to seeing some blog posts featuring foundbites!



Windows Phone Beta Update: Deeplinking and Sharing

Today's update which should now have made its way to most of your devices brings deeplinking functionality to the app and improved sharing. We're still continuing to add features while we go through the AppCampus approval process.


If someone share's a foundbite via Twitter or Facebook and you're on your Windows Phone the only option at the moment is to view it on the website or search through the app to find it, neither of which give the best experience.

 Deeplinking changes that by giving you the option to dive straight into the app from the website to view a foundbite fullscreen. From there you can explore where it was taken, view a user's profile etc. etc. Alfie's been working pretty hard on this experience and it's really rather nice.....

 (Update: after feedback we've decided to  make the deeplinking automatic. I'm not sure there are many other apps using a feature like this as not many are Windows Phone first, so let's see how it pans out!)

If you're using a Windows Phone then the banner at the top will appear.. 

The app opens and loads the foundbite from the database

Ta-da....As if by magic you're looking at the same foundbite inside the app.

If you want to try the deeplinking out and you're currently reading this on a Windows Phone, check out this:


Improved Sharing

Up until now the only way to share has been via Twitter and Facebook which isn't really everyone's cup of tea. So, with that in mind you can now share via Email and SMS (or texting if you're British):


wp_ss_20130927_0001 (1).png

What about sound?

This is a post I recently wrote on Medium about sound has been neglected as of late and how Foundbite aims to change that:

Sound is a powerful medium and yet we rarely use it to capture our experiences, can that be changed?

In this age of social media, when some of us seem to share almost everything from our most troubling middle class problems to our toilet habits, there are, as I see it, three well established types of media that are shared the most. Photos, Video and Text.

When it comes to sharing experiences, these three rule the roost and with the likes of Instagram, Vine and Twitter, will do for some time.But there is one medium that most of us are luckily enough to be able to experience 24-7 and that often has the almost magical ability to bring memories back to life and ignite your imagination.


When talking about sound, I’m not specifically talking about music tracks or spoken word, there’s Spotify and Soundcloud for that, I’m referring to the sounds of the world around us.

From the sound of a crowd cheering at a gig, to the lapping of waves on the sand of a faraway beach. These sounds can really define our experiences and yet, when we share them, sound is entirely forgotten (text and photo) or plays second fiddle to a normally quite shaky moving image in a video.

Sound can capture the very atmosphere of a place and when listened, can immediately immerse you and transport you somewhere else entirely- there’s a reason people listen to sounds of nature on those CD’s.

Hundreds of social networks, music focused yes — but none focused on sharing the sounds of the world around us.

Hundreds of social networks, music focused yes — but none focused on sharing the sounds of the world around us.

I came to the conclusions above quite some time ago and wanted to do something about it. I wanted to give the task of creating a social network based around sharing the sounds of the world (and our lives) at least a good shot.

At the time I didn't really have anywhere close to the skills I needed to bring this idea to fruition,but 2 years later, and possessing the skills I needed, Foundbite is becoming something quite exciting.

Foundbite is all about exploring sounds uploaded from all over the world and using sound to capture the atmosphere of events, places or everyday life. An interactive soundscape of the world, if you like.

The sounds are accompanied with photos to give them context (it’s no good having sound if you don’t know what you’re listening to) but the emphasis is still primarily on sound.

Rather than a video panning around a scene, these photos allow the creator to capture specific points of interest in a scene and allow some freedom for the viewer ( aided by the sound) to use their imagination.It’s still early days, but beta testers are already using the app to capture some many varied sounds from rapids in Spokane to gigs in Norwayand I find it fascinating to scroll around the world map and see, and more importantly, hear what it’s like to be in all these places.

I hope others do too.



Capture Page Updated

Today's beta update adds an updated camera page UI, bringing some much needed improvements. Here's what it looks like:

updated camera page UI

As the process of taking a foundbite is a little different from using the camera normally, I've also added an easy hint page explaining what each control does and how to use it:

camera hint page 

There's also a settings page that allows you to change the focus illumination mode and the resolution of your pictures. 

camera settings UI

The compose feature that allows you to import and share images for other apps still works as usual. Hopefully, everyone will enjoy the updated UI - just a few more pages to change and Foundbite will be ready to launch.



Updated Explore and Discovery Page

As part of the redesign of the Foundbite app I started from scratch on the map/explore page which you can use to view all the foundbites uploaded around the world.

Before, it looked something like this:

previous Foundbite explore page

As you can see, it's quite a ugly and the pushpins on the map are really just one giant smush. It wasn't particularly easy to use either;, I received a lot of feedback that it was hard to use and sometimes didn't function at all - hardly ideal. This is what beta's are for though!

With all the above in mind, the map page now looks like this:


new map page with popout viewer to see foundbites

new map page with popout viewer to see foundbites

A marked improvement if I do say so myself.

 Pins can be loaded on demand using the refresh button, the foundbites are now clustered and can be zoomed into by clicking on a cluster and clicking on a single pushpin will bring up the pop-out you can see for a small preview which can then be tapped to open full screen.

The map is now in vector form as well, to cut down on data usage and make the whole page cleaner. 

Id' love to know what you think,


Foundbite of the Day:  Goo Goo dolls concert


Live Tiles Added To Foundbite

Just a quick one to say the Windows Phone 8 beta of Foundbite now features some rather attractive live tiles. At the moment these will just show a random foundbite, but they'll eventually be changed so it will show a features bite or your own. An update will go out very soon containing these, but until then you can get a sneak peek below:  

Foundbite Live Tiles - aren't they lovely?!

And here's the Foundbite featured on the tile of the brand new Routemaster bus